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      I’m SO frustrated right now. I’m staying a few days with my daughter and her roommate this morning has come out and taken the fan from the living room, the water fountain the kittens/cat drink from. Last night the cops were here because 2 of the other roommates that just moved out haven’t been able to get their mail cause she’s holding the mail key hostage and their mail (btw they brought my daughter into this mess and now moved out).

      All this week it has been something with this girl. She had a phone that the old roommate owned night before last she bought a new one and changed the number and refused to let my daughter or her sister that also lives here have the number. Now the old roommates won’t clean their room so the sister can move into their room so my daughter can move into that room. Their also refusing to give my daughter the key until they get their mail. UGH…

      ANYWAY… I’ve tried to intervene and get the tension to de-esculate here. This 21 year CHILD needs help…suggestions PLEASE…before I lose my cool with this bratty roommate because my constructive criticism ISN’T working!! I haven’t raised my children to behave like this and my daughter an be I are beyond ourselves with the behavior. Thanks for the support and suggestions.

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      I hope your daughter can get out of there! Her roommate sounds awful. It doesn’t sound like this will go well. I really hope your daughter is able to leave. Is there anyone else more trustworthy she could live with? Before the roommate steals anything of hers. Wishing you both the best.

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      Sorry you’re dealing with this

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      I’m sorry you and your daughter are going through this right now. Honestly, Since the police are involved already I would let them deal with it. Maybe even notify the apartment complex on what’s going on and see if they can help. But if this 21 year old is being bratty like this nothing is going to stop her. I can guarantee she has probably been like this her whole life. If your daughter isn’t thinking about moving it might be time for her to seek new roommates cause there is only a matter of time before this terror roommate turns on her

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      What a frustrating situation for your daughter! I agree that it might be time for your daughter to move out. If she’s not able to move out, it might be time to get the landlord involved to help resolve these issues. Good luck!

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      I agree with the previous responses – I hope your daughter can find other living arrangements.
      So sorry you both have to deal with this!

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