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    My MIL is a very difficult person, what would you do if she thinks you have taken her son away from her and moved out of state, Even though he has a job which takes him out of state & it has nothing to do with her. She is controlling for sure, and refusing to mature or change, so how does one handle this after being married for over 10 years? THoughts? whats your MIL like?

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    Its hard you may have to let her be. I had similar issues with my MIL and we never resolved her bitterness towards me.

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    she is worried she will be left alone and feels unloved. She just doesn’t have the social skills to understand herself and go about reaching out to you in a nice way. She is creating kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy – because of her behavior you will WANT to leave. Be nicer to her: send an occasional card (there’s a great Valentine Card on this blog), a miscellaneous postcard just saying “Thinking of You”, text or email a picture once a week, etc etc etc. When she feels reassured that you miss her (LOL) she will relax and come around.

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    My advice is to lower your expectations and let it go. You can’t change her and it sounds like she is unwilling to change. So the best thing for your sake is to accept the relationship for what it is. Treat her with kindness. Maybe in time she will let go of the bitterness.

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    My MIL is the same way. Actually, not just her but all my inlaws. I just try to remember that I will be a MIL one day so I try to just let it go. No need to have the stress of a continuous argument. Good luck!

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    I would take the good with the bad. Hopefully there is good! My mother in law is the most wonderful grandmother in the world so even when she does get angry with me or bitter over things I just let it roll over. I try to imagine what it must be like in her shoes, I have two sons so I know I’m going to have to let my boys go to someone else someday. Hope it eventually does get better for you! I’m on five years and still get blamed for a lot of things that happen lol

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    Somethings we can not change and that includes people. I would not let myself become bitter because of her actions. Be the best you that us possible and that is all you can do. Hang in there!

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    What mirt said.

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    it can be heard to handle

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    Just try to remember that your husband chose you and that your mother in law is going to have to get over it

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