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      My son (5 months) has recently begun to move a lot while sleeping at night. He lifts his head upward and twists his body as if he wants to roll (can’t do this in his own yet when awake). But instead stays in this awkward position and pushes up with his feet into the crib bars. I have added a breathable mesh bumper but he pushes so hard against the bars that it leaves an impression on his cute little head. He doesn’t seem to be aware he is doing it and I have no idea what he is attempting or how to remedy it.

      Anyone else have something like this happen? How did you deal?

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      I’d go back to swaddling if you aren’t currently doing that. Around 5 months is when many babies start rolling over, so this is typical. Put him to sleep on his back. I don’t think a bumper is necessary. If you check on him during the night and he’s moved, you can move him back to the center of the crib.

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      My baby was a wild man when he was an infant as well. He hated swaddling and would wiggle out of them so I got the Halo sleep sacks that have the wraps on the outside and they worked wonders for me! You can get them at Target and Buy Buy Baby for sure.

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      sleep sack, time to transition to bigger bed (from bassinet to crib). My kids way preferred sleeping on their tummy… when he can lift his head, (be sure there’s no blankets in the crib, and you are aware of him sleeping – like in the room) you might switch to tummy sleeping.

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      Thanks for sharing. In due in June with my second.

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      My 7 month old currently does the same thing that also wakes her up multiple times..hard on a mama

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      My almost 18 month old baby moves so much that he fell already twice from the bed. I had to lower the mattress so if he falls, he will not be hurt.

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      My 17 month old grand daughter has started have nap issues and wants me to stay with her….she always went to bed ok. I am worried that some thing is up or maybe its just a growing up thing?

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      My baby was like that. It’s probably them trying to find a comfortable spot.

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