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      Does anyone have any tips that make yoga or meditation better? Which ways do you meditate and what kind of Yoga is your favorite?

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      My first tip is always this-Remember that Yoga is a Practice. You are Yoga. Your daily life will slowly start to incorporate Yoga-your breathing, your flow, your patience. It’s never about perfect Asanas(poses) or flexibility. For meditation or yoga, I love to go to youtube and put on some Reiki Zen music/sounds. I like Kundalini Yoga. When all else fails, I take a nice hot shower and meditate while in the shower. Working with essential oils can be nice, too….experiment with which ones you like best. (I enjoy eucalyptus and rosemary)


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      I like to do group yoga classes. It helps me to have an instructor there to make sure I’m doing the poses correctly and offer modifications when I need them.

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      following topic

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      I’m just now getting into yoga, and I signed up for a free month of online classes from My Yoga Works. It has tons of videos, and different skill levels. I really like it so far!

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      Would love to try

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      I too like group classes (for the sociability & the commitment to go) but it takes a lot of time to get there and back – which is kinda not always possible. I alternate weekend gym time with my husband. Also, there are so many kinds of yoga and yoga teachers – it takes some experimentation to find what suits you best.

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      yoga is a great practice – builds strength and flexibility, work on balance, and learn some relaxation techniques.

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      great advice

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      Good article.

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      So interesting

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      stretching helps

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      Keep with it….

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      This is awesome

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      Good advice

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      try the headspace app for meditation

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      yoga for a peaceful mind and healthy body

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      Good advice.

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      Be at the momet. DOn`t think right or wrong you are doing.

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      Great for the whole body and stretching all the muscles out

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      Good info thx for sharing.

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      I sometimes look up different videos that focus on specific things.

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      I browsed around on youtube for a while until I found Boho Beautiful. She’s got a bunch of different types of yoga videos, and different lengths which is great depending on your time and how you feel. The biggest thing is to do a yoga based on how you feel. If you don’t feel energetic, do a stretching or something. And remember, it’s about where your body is today, not about how you look compared to the person you are following along with.

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      That’s nice.

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      I really need to get back into it. There’s some good videos on YouTube to practice yoga. One i can recommend is “Yoga by Adriene”. She’s really good and posts everyday or nearly everyday.

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      Any suggestions for the very new to yoga? Persons to follow, apps, etc

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      Peleton app has a lot of wonderful, varied yoga – really worth the $15/month. Another, have you tried Yoga with Adriene on YouTube

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