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      Hi I am hoping to receive some advice on how I can go about dealing with the way my husband and his ex are choosing to co-parent.
      My husband and I share one child in common, and we both have 3 year olds from previous relationships. We live together with our 5 month old and our (my) 3 year old.
      His son and ex live in a different state so a lot of their daily communication is over FaceTime. Recently, I discovered that he had been making all of his calls to his son while I wasn’t in his presence. Very shady. When I confronted him, he explained that his ex doesn’t want their son to see his sister and step sister for fear that it would hurt him (the 3 year old). And I hate that I had to confront him in order for him to express this to me. I feel like for the most part, it should be none of my business… but I feel like he is choosing to respect her feelings and wishes more than he is mine. Since the conversation I had with him, he hasn’t tried to reach out to his son, at least in front of me. How should I handle this situation? I cant help but feel like I cant trust him.

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      Sending the best of luck to you.

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      Ugh, what a tough situation. It might help if you can talk with a marriage counselor. Sounds like this is putting a strain on your relationship.

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      You cant hide siblings for their entire life! Its easier to introduce at a younger age then wait in my opinion.

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      This is hard for everybody. Back off – and trust your husband, who is trying to please a lot of people. He loves YOU, right, and married YOU. Give him some space.

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