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      How many moms are affected by celiac diease and have children with autism

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      Hi there,
      I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2011. I was misdiagnosed and over diagnosed for over 20 years before that. My son has a gluten intolerance.

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      I am almost 25, and have celiac disease. I was diagnosed about a year ago. It’s been hard changing my eating habits. How are you doing with it? I do not know many people around me with celiac.

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      I know someone who is affected by this disease, she attends my parties

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      One of the kids and my mom’s group has celiacs disease. I was tested for it when I got mine diagnosis of ulcerative colitis but I don’t have it myself. I always tried to be sensitive to the dietary needs of everyone who comes into my home. Good luck with handling the challenges that come with the diseases he mentioned.

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      I am effected by this amazing disease that has changed my whole life.

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      Two of the kids and my mom’s groups health issues with gluten – one has celiacs and the other day different gluten allergy. As I have ulcerative colitis I was tested for it but luckily I do not have the disease. I always try to be sensitive to be possible allergies and sensitivities of all the moms and kids in my groups. Good luck to those battling this challenge!

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      The Bob’s Red Mill 1-to-1 Flour has made it so easy for us to eat gluten free. The chocolate chip recipe on the bag tastes just like regular cookies! They even have coupons that you can print from their website which can really help with the extra expense of eating gluten free.

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      I am 37 now mom of 3 and diagnosed when i was 35 with Celiac disease. I was severely anemic and doing infusions twice a week to stay alive. My body was not absorbing any nutrients because i had so much damage. Luckily my hematologist sent me to U of M for more evaluating and after a scope it was found! I since then started my gluten free diet immediately and felt way better. I also started to look healthy again. Luckily i did have another child as well. So thankful for all my doctors to get me to this point!

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      I am affedted as well as 1 of my children.

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      I have never heard of this disease, What exactly is it and how does it affect the human body???

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      My mother is affected and I am always looking for more creative menu ideas for her. I found that the Baby Mum Mum treats are great for her – they are a delicious and healthy snack!

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      I am affected

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      Myself and one of my children has it s he also has HSp

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      god bless all of you with good health.

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      original question had to do with connecting celiac disease with autism. Do you feel there is a connection?

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      I never would have thought there was a connection but now I am wondering. I do have celiac and my son has autism and adhd. It would be interesting to see if any research shows a connection. I wouldn’t be totally surprised given that before I knew I was pregnant with him I had an accidental gluten exposure and so my nutrient intake wasn’t great those first few weeks of development.

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      I am effected by this amazing disease that has changed my whole life.

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      I recently was diagnosed with celiac disease after pregnancy. Definitely life changing.

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