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      the older I get the harder it is to lose weight!

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      Keeping muscle strength will help – add exercise with weights instead of trying to lose weight

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      I agree, I have to work much harder to maintain my weight. Sometimes I fall back, but I’ve been motivating myself much more and I feel happier. Much luck to you! 🙂

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      I agree!

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      I agree.

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      Same! But, I’m doing weight watchers now and I’ve been quite successful! Finally getting back to my prebaby weight. It’s hard though!

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      Maybe natural weight loss supplements can help. I know some aged ladies who take these supplements as an easy way to lose weight. check out some of these supplements at herintalk website.

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      Many people find it difficult to lose weight. For them, natural weight loss supplements are the best option. The appetite suppressant not just cut down extra fat from body naturally but also gives a perfect shape. Once I was looking for the same, came across herintalk and found many such weight loss supplement under one umbrella.

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      checking supplements out today….thanks ladies!

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      I have so much more trouble losing weight and maintaining the weight loss now that I am older too. (And after baby #5 was born as well). I am trying to make small changes, like walking to work instead of driving, eating homemade foods instead of processed out of the box meal kits, and buying fresh fruits & veggies instead of canned, and eating a variety of fruits and veggies instead of just green beans and corn. I also started meeting with friends a couple times a week to walk with the kids or do yoga. I am slowly making progress, but even if I am not losing a lot of weight fast, I am feeling better, more energized.

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      Yes…The older I get the harder it is to lose. I have vamped up my weights and cardio..It’s hard…but I know what I have to do to lose!

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      B J

      I agree, the older you get, the harder it is to keep off the weight. I keep trying to exercising, hard with winter and all the storms we are having. I can’t wait until Spring.

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      There are lots of indoor and outdoor exercise you can do! Plenty of healthy options for snacks and meals! As a woman with PCOS, and having struggled with an eating disorder, I know how weight loss and management can be hard but important. Make sure you dont make excuses. Make sure you get up every day determined to find a way to get in some exercise and make healthy eating choices. It’s a mind thing. A self control thing. Find a good friend or family member to be your motivation. To push you in the best way to make sure you stay on track. That can be a huge help.

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      lifting weights helps

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      Even just changing one meal or snack can help

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      Intake of water is very important!

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      Agreed. It was much harder once I hit my 30s. I used to never gain any weight. Well, it found me, lol. Not the worst weight gain, but I have to keep on top of working out & not eating everything I could before without it catching up to me! 😛

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      just turned 51 need advice

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