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      My daughter is 8yrs old she is allergic to the milk protien and it’s so hard for the school other parents even family to understand. 🙁 It’s hard enough trying to find foods for her that are good but the struggle of telling them and trying to get them to get it is sometimes worse!I just can’t figure out why they can’t understand it’s allergic and not intolerant

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      Here’s some suggestions: 1. I’m sure you have educated your daughter about her milk protein allergy, help her to advocate for herself and provide alternatives food products that she can have ~pack them in her book bag. If she can’t eat the school lunches, it may be best for her to bring her lunch. 2. Find another mom in her class or school that has a child allergic to a food product, talk with the other mom or moms to gain and provide support to each other. 3. My daughter has asthma and the school staff couldn’t understand why she could don’t perform certain physical activities, especially when the class when outdoor in the cold weather. Solution: She did a science project on asthma and when she presented it to her teachers and classmates, she passed out drinking straws and ask the class to breathe through the straws. She then asked if it was difficult to breathe through the straws and everyone nodded yes, from that day, everyone in her class understood.

      Hang in there, keep educating and provide alternatives.

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      My son has a problem with milk also. We still haven’t figured out what it is. He’s had a problem since he was 1. Hes now 6. He can’t drink regular milk. But he can have cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products. I know how much of a pain it is. The school doesn’t understand he can have cheese and stuff but can’t have milk at all unless it’s lactose free.

      Hope things get better for you.

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      Buy lactaid

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        My daughter is allergic to milk not intolerant. She can not have Lactaid it causes her to have a reaction. I buy Almond milk and other snacks with out milk.

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      I use lactaid or any soy milk

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      We had the same issue. It was ultimately just worth the extra time for me to be the one sending his snacks, lunches and being extra cautious when eating elsewhere or restaraunts. Everyone, including family,confused the allergy with intolerance which is entirely different and exceptionally hard to manage.

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      Stay positive momma!!

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      Kimberly great advice

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      I wish you the best. Some parents don’t realize that others can’t eat/drink what most kids can.

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      if you are allergic is your child more apt to be as well?

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      It can be difficult. I was there when my daughter was young as well. I sent lunches most of the time.

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      Good read.

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      nice info

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      My son has a milk protein allergy too. He was on alimentum formula as a baby and transitioned to soy milk. I finally gave up dealing with the school and send him his own cold lunch daily. I made them give me a 504 plan with information written into it regarding his snacks, meals, and treats. It forced them to send home paperwork to all the families in his class about his allergy and all treats brought in had to have a list of ingredients in it. If milk protein was part of the ingredients the treat was sent home and no one got it in the class. This also holds the school responsible for an allergic reaction in case they supply him with an unsafe product. It isn’t easy, but keep advocating. Make sure you get a doctor to state that it is an allergy not an intolerance, and get a medical plan in place with the school. My son doesn’t spend much time at other peoples house but when he does I send his milk along with him to prevent complications and often will send snacks or cook a meal for the family that is safe for my son. He also has sensory processing disorder which causes him to have different dietary approach anyway, this is why he is somewhat less social that other children his age. He is also 8 years old. I have educated him on his allergy, he wears a bracelet (its a jelly texture so it isn’t much different than the bracelets a lot of other kids wear) and I have cooked and baked with him to teach him what can and cannot be in the meals that he eats. It isn’t easy having a child with a typical allergies, but hang in there and feel free to reply with any questions or concerns and I will help point you in the right direction.

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      Good read, thanks mums for all the infos. I am having a hard time with the same scenario with her.

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      great read

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