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    My son’s father and I split a year ago due to his drinking. I was 4 months pregnant. He got a girlfriend a week later and she’s threatened me multiple times for contacting him. And now he wants 50/50 custody. He continues to drink and even lost days where he couldn’t see his others due to his drinking around them. He doesn’t want to take me to court but has been threatening to take me. I’m not sure if I should just make the first move and take him to court or not. I also have no idea what to do about his girlfriend. I worry about my son’s safety. Any ideas or advice would be appreciated!

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    If your sons safety is at risk I’d make the first move if I were you! Better to have something in place and have the upper hand in case anything did happen. So sorry you’re going through this!

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      Get yourself an attorney and get in the court process asao.

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    I have contacted a lawyer and we are going to do the best to keep my son safe. My lawyer can guarantee he won’t get visitation. But he can guarantee it will be restricted supervised visits. It makes me feel better, but doesn’t keep me from worrying about him eventually getting unsupervised visits you know?! I may seem to worry more than I need to but my kids are all I have and I want to do my best to keep them safe in any way I can!!

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    good luck…

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