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      Has anyone had the their child who has allergies to food been given that food even after repeatedly telling the parent of the allergy? While my child is not allergic to peanuts or shellfish… She does have a allergy to grapes, and recently my child went to a playdate and was given grapes. I had walked not even a block to my house to grab her sippy cup and returned to find her eating grapes! I ran her home and gave her meds. But do people only take the peanut allergy serious?

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      Thats terrible! that parent did not care to watch out! my 4yr old son has a peanut allergy and last halloween, his teacher asked everyone (parents) if they were sending candy to the class to make sure they had no peanuts, ofcourse no one listened and all bought snickers and recess. I understand its halloween but i know im sympathetic of others and would take them into consideration on something that serious. I taught my child the candy he can and cant eat and if not sure to wait untill i check.

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      so sad

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      wow so sad . parents not thinking and giving your child the allergen food.i think people overall may only take the peanut or nut allergy serious because of all the media and public outcry so to speak. but there are many other allergic prone foods, and well I would have your kid wear a alert bracelet, they use it for diabetics etc. just an idea.

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      My kids have sensitivities, not necessarily allergies. That being said, if given gluten/dairy or soy, they throw up, have diarrhea and lose weight. Both my side of the family and my husbands thought it was necessary to test this because obviously I must be lying about this for some insane reason. So my kids have repeatedly been exposed to these foods and every time it is terrible for them and for me. Usually it is on a vacation to see family, so our kids are sick when flying back home. Stay strong momma and teach your little one to identify her allergy foods and say no thanks as soon as she is able to. My son is great about it now that he is almost 6.

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      If the person watching your child won’t follow your rules with an allergy, I would not trust them with the child unsupervised

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      Oh wow that’s awful
      I don’t understand why
      Someone would do that to another moms little one.

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