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    I love using Almond flour instead of regular flour. I eat a low carb and almost sugar free diet. Does anybody else like almond flour?

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    I’ve never heard of it, but I love almonds. I think I will look for it the next time I go shopping…

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    B J

    This sounds so interesting. I wasn’t aware of Almond flour – but, will definitely try it the next time I bake!

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    I have heard of it but never tried it, would like too

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    I have heatd that almond flour is much more healthy

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    I have recently started using almond flour in my cookies. We bake alot in our house . I find the texture to be a bit lighter and the cookie a bit more complex. My family had no idea, literally not a clue I changed the main ingredient. They just raved about how yummy they were and ate more cookies.

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    I have never tried it, I just purchased some for the first time,.

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    I have used Almond Flour however I would love to have some more recipes.

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    I started recently using almond flour in baking, besides use in cookies adding flour to my homemade bread, then I slowly started to expand use in other dishes, like lightly coating homemade chicken nuggets, meatballs before baking them.

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