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    So, my husband is an assistant coach for our daughter’s team. One of the other assistant coaches, who is a female cusses and belittle the girls. I have kept my mouth shut until this weekend. She told my daughter to “lose her shitty attitude” in her face. My daughter felt so bad. She didn’t even know what she was talking about. It turns out, one of the other girls had made a snide comment and when the coach turned around, my daughter happened to walk to the same area. I told my husband who said he would address it. All he did was ask her to watch her mouth around the girls. I didn’t feel like the actual issue was addressed, so I have a separate convo with the other coach without any other parents around. I didn’t want to poison the well…I was not rude or mean. I just said, “I did not appreciate you cursing at my child in that manner. I wouldn’t do it to yours, so please don’t do it to mine.” That was that, she apologized, we all went home. I told my husband what I did. He was livid. He said I went behind his back and embarrassed him. I don’t feel like I did. He is so upset with me, he won’t even speak to me. He is even thinking of quitting because of my actions. Was I in the wrong? Did I stir up trouble?

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    No, I don’t think you were wrong. You were protecting your daughter and her teammates from abusive behavior. I hope your husband will understand.

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    the coach who cusses and belittles is wrong. but there probably are better channels to address this

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