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    I am unable to participate in any Quests and other bonus point activities I’ve even tried Chrome.

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    Try this, from the home page press left right the 3 horizontical lines, the menu comes, press rewards, the rewards will come. Scroll down the page and find More ways to earn, a scroll horizontical menu comes. You will see ways to earn. Try to go slow bcuz the quest goes fast and can’t click. So try slow and click fast on the quest. Hope it will work. I use internet explorer. For sure the Chrome is better but sometimes is slow as well. U can tri safari, opera etc try one with good reviews.

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    yes i have trouble

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    Bummer! Hope you can get it to work

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    I am not getting my credit towards tbe chatty cathy badge any time I comment anywhere like the badge description says, I still do not receive any credits.

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