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      We just learned the Apple Cider vinegar is in & on everything done there. Most of the non food chains or restaurants with a soul food intent has a red apple cider vinegar dip or sauce. I had no idea how much apple cider cleanses one system. Within some of the restaurants in the area. Some of our kids had it with the roasted hog, pulled pork sandwiches, anything with pork. it’s was on the dining room tables at most family members homes with a combination of secret herbs & spices. Instead of soda or milk we gave the kids water to help reduce the acidity in the cider. After reading up on the benefits of Apple Cider vinegar and water I would think most of the cholesterol, & weight reduction would be flushable. I can say food wise Apple Cider vinegar is on the table Big time

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      That’s pretty cool! I love apple cider vinegar. 🙂

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      Hey Everyone, I found a unique website that offers personalized portraits for babies and children. They saved us when we missed our photoshoot due to the pandemic. Try them out! Here’s the link:

      By the way, Apple cider vinegar can help kill pathogens, including bacteria and and it helps treat diabetes.

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