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      Hey all! My youngest boy is turning 1 year old in a few months. I was wondering if planning an extravagant birthday party would be worth it. I was thinking about it and I realized that he will not remember it when he gets older because he is only going to be 1 🙂 If so, how much should I do for it? Did any of you have any birthday parties for your young kids that you regret or love?
      Thank you!

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      Great question! I think that a lot of parents are tempted to do a huge party for their kid’s first birthday. To me, it seems like it’s more for the parents than the kid. I did a small family party for my kids. It was more meaningful to have close family with us rather than a huge party where I had to be the host.

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      I do agree it is more for the parents. As someone said to me, its for the parents keeping a newborn alive for the first year lol.
      For my son, we did do a big birthday party. We rented a spot at the park and I did it Mickey Mouse themed, which I did get “advice” from some people that it was silly because he does not understand but I wanted to do it, and I enjoyed making Mickey Mouse decoration and cupcakes. We did it at the park because we had a wide range of kids and this was something they could do and I did not have to find entertainment for them. While he wont remember, I will and he will be able to see pictures and what we did.

      Honestly, do what is going to make you happy.

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      Aww, I think so! As long as the baby doesn’t seem stressed around groups of people of course. You want to have these memories. They only have each birthday once. Cherish each one. 🙂

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      do what makes you (AND the baby) happy. Getting together with friends is always a ghood thing, but stress and spending unnecessary money not so much

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      Agree with the above.

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      I planned a huge party for my sons 1st birthday. I have a huge family and I spent most of the party serving food and making sure my guests had everything at the tables. We are Hispanic/Mexican and we make food that tends to have add ons like lime, cilantro, chopped onions, radish etc. The only time I spent with my son was piñata time, cake and the opening of his gifts. I think a small party would have been perfect. I remember it as tiring and I was about 6 months pregnant with my second boy.

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      It’s honestly what you enjoy and less for your kid for the 1st birthday. My husband and I like to entertain and our baby is social so we wanted to. We also don’t have family in town and wanted to sort of thank our friends for being our support network through everything. With that said, I’m not focusing on decorations or themes and mainly on fun for kids and adults and of course food and beverages to keep everyone satisfied.

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      at one thay don’t rember much I would wait and throw big party when he or she will rember;;unless you have endless money lol;;good luck

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      Yes, of course, go ahead and create some memory of childhood days.

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      Nowadays my daughter uses her smartphones more than as usual she use, how I should teach her about the online threats she doesn’t even talk to me when using their smartphone.

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      Of course, u want them to hold those albums and relive those memories

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      Great info.

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      good input

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      Today’s moms and dads want to give their kids memorable parties just like they had, but with a two-income household, it’s difficult to find the time to plan and organize all this stuff. And even moms or dads who don’t work often feel that a really creative party is beyond their capabilities. But if you’re creative, then you can be the life of the gala with a children’s party planning business. Even though you could’ve sworn they were born just yesterday, planning a birthday party is a great way to celebrate this important milestone in their life.

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      That’s a great idea!

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