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      Or would you rather them learn more about it in school?

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      I would rather talk to my son then him learning in school

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      I feel that teaching my children about puberty is my responsibility and not the government’s, nor school. I will not have my children be given information that is NOT age appropriate.

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      Understandable for sure!

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      I would rather talk to my daughter. I would like her to know facts and not just the junk getting thrown around now adays.

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      Knowing what they are or are not teaching at school gives me the push to teach what I know is necessary for healthy and smart growth in those crucial years!!

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      Wonder why it’s hard to do.. it is, but shouldn’t be, and it’s so important.

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      a little mix for me

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      I love these answers! Strong moms here! <3

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      I am very comfortable talking to my kids about this and I try to normalize everything so they feel comfortable bringing up questions with me as well. It’s good to learn things at school but most important to be able to talk to your parents about it as well

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      Too way traffic, however they want. I am comfortable either way and want them to be either way too. So whatever we choose together

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        Sounds reasonable. 🙂

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