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      My 8 year old just got diagnosed with ASD in august 2017. She’s in 2 different medications and gets her own social assistance through the government. She also has a personalized IEP & Safety Plan at school with her own one-on-one EA.

      Any ideas on tricks to help her at school to use her words more to speak with her EA or her teacher when she’s upset over her bolting off?

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      Hi Tessa!

      I went to school for Behavior Analysis and Therapy and worked with kiddos with autism for many years before staying home with my own kids.

      Do you have access to any applied behavior analysts or companies specializing in applied behavior analysis (ABA) in your area? I know for the kiddos I worked with behavior therapy was typically covered through insurance.

      This is definitely something they would help you with and there are all sorts of resources available! They will help you identify the trouble situations in advance and see what is maintaining the challenging behavior. (ie. bolting is an escape behavior) Then, they will help you with reinforcement of the desired behavior and altering the situation in advance to prevent it from happening as often. The most important thing is to make sure there is reinforcement for talking, especially in those specific situations.

      I wish I had a simple answer for you, but the most important thing is to find out what is happening before the behavior occurs and after. Then, you’ll identify why she is doing it and what you can do from there. I can’t recommend ABA therapy enough!

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      ohhh God, I can only imagine how hard it is

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      Anyone diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder? And what modalities taken for OT.

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      a speech therpsit would be of great help

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      My sister knows all about this since her son has some things as well. She told me that every child is different so not everything will work.

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      Hello Im a mother of 4 kids, 3 of them with autism. I have a 7 years old with autism and ADHD. Also I have twins a boy and a girl they both have 3 years old. They diagnosed in august 2018. Since that I been more stressfull and not patience at all. Any helps of how to handle this with my kids.

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      sorry to hear

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      I have been trying to figure out if my two year old is in the spectrum. Doctors want to test but I am unsure. I’m reading everyone’s posts just to gather information.

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      I have been working in the field of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) since October 2018 as a Registered Behavioral Technician (RBT). The growth and transformation I have observed my clients master has been remarkable within this timeframe. ABA has been designed to treat and support children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) through new and effective types of interventions such as behavior therapy, feeding therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Although there is no known cure for autism, ABA helps in reducing the effects and symptoms that are associated with ASD. Advanced data platforms have been designed to improve the effectiveness of Autism therapies that deliver information to families and clinicians in order to strengthen minds and increase the quality of lives beyond expectations. Through extinguishing maladaptive behaviors and emphasizing appropriate behaviors via positive reinforcement, generalization or extinction, ABA is a successful form of treatment for anyone on the spectrum, without the use of prescription medication.

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      Nice one!!

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