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      Hello my name is Myling. I am a single disabled mother of a 10yr old little boy who has PTSD, ODD, BIPOLAR DISORDER, anxiety and depression. His psychiatrist and therapist both feel he needs a service dog, however, medicaid won’t help pay for any of it. So, we got a dog from the humane society and medicaid won’t even cover just the training. I have started a fundraiser in youcaring and I’ve only gotten two donations for $120. I spoke to the local trainer and it’s $75.00 to $100.00 per lesson and for a service dog it’s a minimum of 20 lessons. Where is the help? I have tried grants, Facebook people, personally contacting companies, no one want a to help. What do I do?

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      Im so sorry. I agree a service dpg would be a great idea. Wish i could help

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      conteact your local governement

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      Good information

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