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    I never had it, but I remember my sister had asthma. Not being able to breathe can be very scary. I remember my sister had left her inhaler on her bicycle and was having an asthma attack in the house. When I was little, I had to run out to get her inhaler. Make sure if your kid had asthma, they always have what they need on them!

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    My oldest has it. It’s not bad as most. However, when she gets sick, the wheezing is awful. Her doctor provided us with some excellent solutions to help keep her lungs strong and keep her in the green zone as much as possible. Its very scary though.

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    My daughter has it and it worries me very much. I always make sure she is carrying her inhaler and I also have one with me. She is worse when it is hot outside also. I recently was told that I have it too and now I know how she is feeling.

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    Oh no, best wishes to all!

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    good luck and be careful

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    Nice read.

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    My daughter used to have serious asthma, but grew out of it for the most part. When she gets a chest cold it is usually compounded more. Having an albuterol nebulizer and some eucalyptus essential oils can really be super helpful. We’ve had amazing results with that combination. My brother in law actually has damaged lungs from the drugs and treatments of the late 70s, its really sad because as a 43 year old he has the lungs of a 80 year old.

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    Oh wow, that’s so sad! I’m glad she grew out of it for the most part! Essential oils are amazing!I never knew they helped asthma! That’s incredible!

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    This information is great. Thanks to everyone that commented before

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      Yes, thank you everyone!

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    Nice one!!

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