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      How do you help your kids “deal” with such a thing to live with? We want them to be able to handle it. We want them to know how to talk about it.

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      Your kids have autoimmune diseases, or you do? ~fellow autoimmune disease warrior❤

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        I have Scleroderma,fibro,gurd a lot of days I cannot get out of bed and when I can I dont get anything done. I feel bad for my kids because I never feel like going any where I have missed out of so much of their lives depression and anxiety have just taken me over.I have started to get new symptoms and been having atleast 3 appointments a week and I dont drive I cant even go get groceries.

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      I really do eat healthy

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      healthy eating has kept me feeling great! I’d look into quality supplements and clean eating. This keeps me feeling great and healthy!

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      My daughter was diagnosed with a form of juvenile arthritis when she was 2. She’s now 3 and since then doing great. She gets 2 shots a week right now. But we also deal with it by eating healthier as well as exercise. I put my baby in the front pack and take my daughter for a walk everday and when possible try to get her to the hot springs pool below my house. I can see a difference and am always looking for better healthier snack options for my family.

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        CSwenson; Awww, hugs to your daughter with juvenile arthritis. My nephew has it too. He’s a trooper! I think it’s wonderful you do that for your daughter. (Hot springs??? That’s awesome.) She’s lucky to have you. 🙂 She will always know what you did & will do for her! <3

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      My children do not have autoimmune diseases. But I have rheumatoid arthritis (now they are trying to call it rheumatoid disease because it’s so much more than joint swelling). So I may be able to relate to some of your concerns, perhaps verbalize some feelings that your children might not be able to put into words yet. I too have done a tremendous amount of different shots. So if you want to reach out I am here. Take care of you and yours and have a blessed day.

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      Thank you everyone. Best of luck to all.

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      this helps

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      Nice one

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