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      Should I avoid GMO at all cost? How to I tell which are GMO?

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      Currently, food companies in the U.S. are not required to label foods as containing GMOs. In the U.S. most corn and soybeans are produced using GMOs so any products with corn or soybeans and it has been said that that canola oil, cottonseed oil and sugar beets also often are genetically modified. You can look for the “non-GMO project verified” label, so read your labels and/or just buy organic.

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      yes avoid GMO!!!

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      I do my best to stay away from GMO ingredients and it is a shame that the processed food industry embraced the likes of Monsanto decades ago

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      Yes, I agree that GMO’s should DEFINITELY be avoided if at all possible! There’s some great videos on YouTube about the effects of GMO’s on health and the lack of long term evidence of their effects. Many countries have banned the use of GMO’s, and the USA should too!

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      we avoid gmo’s whenever possible. So many negative health problems from gmo’s. Impossible to avoid 100% all the time but one way to avoid them is to buy organic foods.

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      B J

      We also avoid GMO’s as much as possible.

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      many products are labeled GMO

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      We also try to avoid GMO’s as much as possible, but it is very hard to completely avoid them.

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      I agree. Try to avoid them. Not that I avoid them all. A lot of things are labeled non-gmo these days.

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      should avoid

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      I try to buy just fresh products.

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