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      Any ideas for using glass baby jars? I have a ton!

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      use them to grow plants

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      I have seen people save them and use them as party favors for their 1st birthday

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      Check Pinterest, there are tons of ideas

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      So many ideas! Even my dad saved a lot of these from over the years to keep nails/screws, etc. Could definitely do a plant like someone said. So many art projects. Like Amy said, Pinterest is great for things like this.

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      I used them to make candles in for a friends wedding. Filled the jar with candle wax, used twine around the top of the jar where the lid screws on to hide it and used sticker paper to print labels to put on the jar. They turned out really cute.

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      Make small candles out of them and use the candles as party favors at the next party you have.

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      The candles are a great idea. Maybe if you paint them before hand.

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      Wow, here is so many interesting ideas 🙂

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      B J

      I also have baby jars to use, these are all great ideas. My husband has used them to put nuts and bolts in.

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      for storing things or making snow globes

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      Glass paint and I have been getting from Amazon and I have made cutest little jar’s

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      I use baby food jars and glass spice jars to hold beads, paper clips, cotton balls, etc.

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      for plants

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      They make cute terrariums

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      I use mine to hold nuts, screws, buttons etc.

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