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      My group reviewed Baby Mum Mum baby snacks in a variety of flavors. The overall most popular flavor was the banana. These products are designed for babies who are teething and experiencing foods for the first time. There were pros and cons to these snacks. They dissolve in your mouth quickly, but not too quickly. They have an incredibly mild and light flavor comparable to rice cereal for babies. I did not like the fact that they stuck to my mouth, but the babies didn’t seem to mind it very much. They are not very filling. They are gluten and GMO free, no wheat, no milk, no eggs, no artificial colors or flavors, so they are very tolerable for children with any kind of food allergies. These are lightweight and small enough to be carried in any diaper bag or purse, but they can crumble easily. Overall I give this product an 8/10 for babies. I would definitely recommend these to my friends and group members.

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      Great review!

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      Great review

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      thanks for the review

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      thank you for reviewing

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      This review was well written. I admire how you listed both pros and cons. Well done!

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      Great review.

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      thanks for the review!

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      thanks for the review

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      good review… the babies in my group had a lot of fun with these. You mentioned they stuck to your mouth, well- they stuck to the nose and chins of my kids. It was cute.

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      Good shared.

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      Great review! My baby loves these. Are any other moms concerned with the arsenic levels in rice though? I am not sure if I should be limiting how many packs of these are consumed in a week.

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      children had so much fun with these, enjoyed the review and comments

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      Great sharing.

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      Good review.

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      My kids love this.

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      They’re not too bad!

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