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      Hello how y’all doing hope all is well.
      A few of the moms in my group even the teenage ones have baby names that are like reading a book they are that long. Some of the names they sound pretty when you say it but to spell it you need a dictionary and other symbols. My oldest daughter makes fun of the fact that when she had my granddaughter I requested that she named the baby a name that wouldn’t make me stutter or was it something out of the way that I would have to have a nickname for the baby in order to address the baby when I needed to. Even though my granddaughter and many of the other moms have their real names I still call them by nicknames not out of disrespect but out of not wanting to try to pronounce their real names and to give them a sense that they do you have other names that I like to call them
      I seriously think that many times people just choose a baby’s name how it sounds or friend of theirs or a family member’s name and they come pound it with another name. But I don’t think a lot of people realize that a young kid having to add all those letters to spell their name it’s just ridiculous. But it is their choice and who am I to say other. Most people choose names and out of the Bible like groups Michael John Timothy Ester Jesus ( Spanish version) but for me I’m going to stick with the nickname when I look at your baby or even an adult if I can’t pronounce your name is going to come up with a nickname or just hey…. How you doing?

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      names are a personal choice

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      I recommend short names that are four or less letters. There is Sam, Luna, Tom, Lily, Karla or Dan. My mom argued with my sister over son’s name,but it’s a huge battle over who gets to decide the name. I personally believe the whole long name is overdated and the bible names are too traditional.

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