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    Do you guys use baby powder? I was hesitant to use it after some bad things I heard about Johnson & Johnson brand, but I just started using MADE OF baby powder. They fully disclose their ingredients and it is all natural and organic, which makes me feel safe about using it. Just wondering if anyone else uses the same kind or if there are other great options out there!

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    Emily, we use MADE OF talc-free baby powder and we love it. Used to use J&J, but no more. Trying to go organic and all natural so we have switched to many of the MADE OF products. Very affordable too!

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    I never use Baby Powder in my baby. When I heard bad things of it I was pregnant and my husband and me We decided not to use it with our baby.

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    I do not use there are alternative products

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      Yes, MADE OF talc-free organic powder is a great alternative.

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    I don;t use it

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    don’t use. too messy

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    Great information.

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