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      Babysitting, how old does your child need to be to be a babysitter? My daughter is 12 and begging to do it now!

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      I think 12 is a good age, many areas offer babysitting classes too that would help her since she’s younger. I think I started babysitting at 12 or 13 and was just fine.

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      I agree, my sister and I are a year apart and we watched my younger siblings when we were like 11 and 12. If they learn CPR and first aid, that would be super helpful I think

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      12 is a good age, providing they are responsible and can be trusted.

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      I think that 12 is a good age. Some girls start as parents’ helpers and watch the kids while the parents are home.

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      agree.. do have her take a class.

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      Every state has their own determination of babysitting age.

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      I think if your old enough to drive then your old enough to babysit.

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      depends on who is hiring

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      I started babysitting when I was 11, but my mom had me take this babysitting class it was only a few days for i think 2 hours each day, but I learned a lot from it. They teach you how to put regular and cloth diapers on a baby, a bunch of other things that a young child just starting to babysit could use, but the most important thing to me that was taught was general first aid. They teach how to do the Heimlich remover to baby’s and younger kids. And what to do in an emergency, you hope nothing would evwr happen but its better to know your child could handle any situation and keeping a level head until they were okay. I’m not sure what its called but I know it was through the health department.

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      i think 12 or 13 is a good age to start baby sitting

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      Keep in mind many factors in Age for Babysitting. 1) The Red Cross babysitting course is recommended for 11 to 15-year-olds to start babysitting. That age range is a good guideline to use since the course is recognized nationally. Use caution and judgment when deciding a child of 10 or younger is old enough to babysit. 2) base on the territory of the residence, 3) length of time left alone, start with an hour and progress up to longer time lines, also 4) factor in the time of day. Is there a neighbor nearby in the event something happens and an adult is needed? How far away will the adult be and of course each child matures at a a different level so maturity is a big factor to consider.

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      Check with your school district or local YMCA sometimes they do a babysitter class at a discount that includes cpr/first aid certification as well as other important necessary tools and information they should know in order to be a proper babysitter. A lot of times too they will do mock incidents, testing and let you know if they think your child is ready or what age levels they are ready to babysit.

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      Its hard to say because all kids mature differently.

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      I started babysitting my siblings when I was 9. I also took the red cross babysitting course when I was 11 and started babysitting for a neighbor when I was around 11. I think the laws have changed now with what age can be left alone now though. I does depend on the child’s maturity level too. I personally think 9 was probably a little to young to start babysitting but my mom needed someone to watch the kids when she was taking classes in the summer.

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      Depends on how mature the child is. I think 12 is a good age to start discussing it though

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      Thanks for the info I’m thinking on enrolling my 11 year old in classes since she’s begging to start babysitting.

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      B J

      I think going to a babysitter class is a great idea.

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      good ideas

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      I started babysitting around 14 or 15. 12 might be ok depending on the job. Depending how long, how many kids, how late the parents would be , etc. You would be the best judge on whether you think she’s ready. 🙂 It’s great that she wants to work!

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      Hi guys i am new here

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      I think between the ages of 12 and 13 is perfect

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      I think from 4 or five is good.
      Cause when they’re too young you should
      be with your child,look for help from your parents.

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      Depends on law and maturity

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      Good sharing.

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      Good discussion

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      My daughter took the American Red Cross babysitter course through Girls Scouts just before her 13th birthday and started to babysit soon after. I thinka child of 4+ is a good starting point for a 13 year old to watch.
      Unfortunately, there are a lot of parents that are saying 13 is too young. I have a wonderful neighbor with a 7 years old that adores my daughter, she gave her a chance and it was fantastic. She watches her at our house. I am in and out, running errands so she can ask advise if she needs. She took CPR and Lifeguard training also. She may be better qualified than ME to babysit!!!

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      Great details here!

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      It depends on the maturity of the child and the age gap id say

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