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    Babysitting, how old does your child need to be to be a babysitter? My daughter is 12 and begging to do it now!

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    I think 12 is a good age, many areas offer babysitting classes too that would help her since she’s younger. I think I started babysitting at 12 or 13 and was just fine.

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    I agree, my sister and I are a year apart and we watched my younger siblings when we were like 11 and 12. If they learn CPR and first aid, that would be super helpful I think

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    12 is a good age, providing they are responsible and can be trusted.

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    I think that 12 is a good age. Some girls start as parents’ helpers and watch the kids while the parents are home.

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    agree.. do have her take a class.

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    Every state has their own determination of babysitting age.

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    I think if your old enough to drive then your old enough to babysit.

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