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      My very bright and imaginative 7 year old has recently started asking things like “what can I do to make sure I dont have bad dreams?” And during the day asking “this is real life, right?” So I think her dreams are so vivid that she has a hard time mistaking dreams from reality.
      Anyway, any suggestions on resources or tricks that worked for you on this topic would be welcome.

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      Sounds like a future physicist to me! I would suggest telling her to eat all her fruits and vegetables, because sometimes an upset stomach or indigestion can be the cause, and also write this down on a list of questions she can ask her doctor on the next visit.

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      When my son was having trouble with bad dreams, I bought a dreamcatcher for his room. It made him feel better that the dreamcatcher would capture the bad dreams and only allow happy dreams.

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      maybe check on (and decrease) how much “screen time” she is getting

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      I think your child is dealing with stress from an overactive imagination. I’d consider giving them something that comforts them before sleeping, like a “monster repellent spray” that’s just filled with lavender and sleep-inducing essential oils!

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        I totally agree….

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        That’s a good idea. 🙂

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      My 4 year old has very bad dreams as well. I have reduced the amount of screen time and watching tv. That has done the trick for the most part. Also, she picked out a nightlight and has “monster spray” and those things have seemed to help tremendously!

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      Turn the pillow with good dreams side up. It helps!!

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      Or dream catcher

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      I think a little trick like putting something beside her pillow and say it will drive all the dreams and nightmares away…

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      same here

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      my kids learning histories at bedtime

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      sweet dreams with my kids

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      My grandmother use to put a bible under my pillow and I quit having bad dreams.

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      am sleep with my kids and learning for sweet dreams

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      sweet dreams with my baby

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      am take hot milk for sweet dreams

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      pray with them

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      My daughter is 8 (almost 9) and has had, and continues to have, night terrors and sometimes just bad dreams. We asked her doctor and the only response we got was, “stop giving in, it’s become a routine for her”. I’m not sure I agree with that. We have tried lots of different things and I’m kind of at my wit’s end. She ends up sleeping on a “bed” on the floor of our room.

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      am take sweet dreams in the day with my kids

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      I tell my daughter dreams are a movie in her head

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      I told see the dreams one it will come true

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      We do chamomile before bed

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      it helped my daughter to say she was seeing a movie in her head

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      great ideas

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      Aww thats so scary. Mabey shes experiencing her first lucid dreams.

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      Mi kids are 3 and 1 and I think I have not yet experience this with my 3 yr old one. Not sure what I would do.

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      I make my kids hot water and lemon squeezed in it with a touch of sugar as a “magic” Power drink to help them back to dreamland

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      sweet dreams mid nigths

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      I try to tell my daughter to imagine something fun she likes to do or want to do before she goes to bed, in hopes, she will dream about that instead of something bad.

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