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    My very bright and imaginative 7 year old has recently started asking things like “what can I do to make sure I dont have bad dreams?” And during the day asking “this is real life, right?” So I think her dreams are so vivid that she has a hard time mistaking dreams from reality.
    Anyway, any suggestions on resources or tricks that worked for you on this topic would be welcome.

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    Sounds like a future physicist to me! I would suggest telling her to eat all her fruits and vegetables, because sometimes an upset stomach or indigestion can be the cause, and also write this down on a list of questions she can ask her doctor on the next visit.

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    When my son was having trouble with bad dreams, I bought a dreamcatcher for his room. It made him feel better that the dreamcatcher would capture the bad dreams and only allow happy dreams.

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    maybe check on (and decrease) how much “screen time” she is getting

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    I think your child is dealing with stress from an overactive imagination. I’d consider giving them something that comforts them before sleeping, like a “monster repellent spray” that’s just filled with lavender and sleep-inducing essential oils!

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