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      My son was born allergic to soy and dairy, and the doctor told us to keep him away from Eggs, wheat and nuts to keep him from developing and allergy to them too. He was on Amino Acid based formula as a baby because he couldnt tolerate the hydrolyzed proteins. Well, within 2 years, he had outgrown his allergies and didnt develope new food ones, but after having many ear infections and sinus infections, we took him to the allergist again to have testing done…and he’s now developed allergies to about every single thing outdoors. We have to have him take an allergy pill every night before bed and this happens all spring and summer long. Anyone else have little ones with severe environmental allergies?

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      My 4 yr old does, he gets 5mg of Claritin every morning, since he had allergic reactions to other allergy meds, and we just hope for the best while he’s outside, I can’t keep him cooped up in the house all the time and he’s very active. just kind of have to let the meds work. it took about 3 weeks to finally build up in his system, and some days are better then others, but he’s able to live a pretty normal life despite the runny nose, and red watery eyes when things do act up.

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      Yes, my child was the same way. Our nickname for them was bubble child 🙂 because they had a reaction to everything, we felt it would be easier to keep them in an air controlled bubble. As hard as it is now, they usually outgrow it. We found an MD who also practices holistic medicine and gave us homeopathic for our child, which worked well. Good luck to you and your child!

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      Absolutely. I just posted on this subject with the title Environmental Allergies. My son is 14 and he had to be on soy. He outgrew those allergies and asthma just to become allergic to “earth”. Even seaweed and febreeze specifically for some reason. If he’s around when the grass is mowed he needs his epi-pen. We’re trying to start allergy shots but they’ve twice sent us home saying the dose is still to strong, try again next week. His education is affected. It’s crazy because hayseed grass will literally kill him (anaphylactic shock); but to dead brown hay (hay rides!) he is unaffected. If any type of oak leaf or the bark touch him he’s covered in hives and welts. At 3 he outgrew asthma (diagnosed at 1 which is uncommon and given a breathing machine/albuterol and atrovent), outgrew lactose issues, and every allergy just to grow into these environmental severe allergies. We joke he’s from Atlantis underwater where these earth plants don’t exist and seaweed keeps them safe within their community. I joke he’s from the water people and I’m an earth people so somewhere there’s the hidden water people gene. It’s an inside joke any time he has a “duh” moment. Hoping the shots help once we start them! Good luck to all!!!

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