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      Hi. I have a 1 month old baby girls who’s bcg vaccine sore seems a little larger than it should be but wanted to get your views. Our family doctor is a couple hours drive away so dont want to travel if not necessary.

      I will add a pic when I figure out how but to summarise the sore only began to show up after 3 weeks, looking similar to a mosquito bite and then gradually after 1 week has grown in size x4 now 20mm wide with what looks like puss making up 60% of the size.

      Im following general info by keeping it covered with gaus and not putting any creams etc but I’m worried it needs so e treatment.


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      That is tough but from what I understand that is suppose to happen but I do not know about size and Im not a doctor lol. Did you call the doctors to ask if it is normal? Or what they suggested? I say that if you think it is a concern then take her, especially if you it will give you peace.

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