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    I have came to realize yoga will only provide and work for one if before starting you under stand its pure purpose and accept the energy that will come. You have to want it to work not just cross your legs and ” humm “. Yoga takes time for the body and mind , emotions and energy to come together and balance out. Its not just a form of stretching which people always ask me ” so you just stretch ” which i find kind of offensive!

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    Yes, yoga is good for mind and body health

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    yoga can have a lot of different meanings and benefits. It can be physically challenging or restorative & relaxing. It fits most people where they are and what they needs at that time are. (Also, if people think “you just stretch”, so what – that’s good to do, also. And if you are a real yogi, you will not find offense.)

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    yoga is good,but most positions are hard to do, and painful.. dont overdo it hun.

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    it’s good

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    and don’t be offended by others comments. One of the benefits of yoga is to find inner peace and balance. You know what you’re getting from life, don’t worry about what they don’t know.

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