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    i have a mommy and me class coming to my house some parents and kids are Celiac any recipe recommendations

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    interested in seeing these

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    Looking forward to seeing some good recipes. My daughter also has celiac

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    We are a celiac house my 13 yearold had it so week keep everything safe. Our goto simple GF safe dinner is tacos 🙂 with corn tortilla of course

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    sweet potato black bean bites

    bake a large sweet potato, mix the mashed sweet potato with 1/3 can of refried black beans. add one egg, a couple tsp of nutritional yeast, cumin, cilantro, tomato red pepper, onion or other seasonings. mix in a couple teaspoons of ground flax seed.

    roll into balls and cook at 450 degrees for 25 minutes.

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    B J

    Good ideas.

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    These are a good one.

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