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    Need some tips for making the most out of a family vacation. Do you have any tips or tricks for when your family goes on a trip?

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    Some time apart or in small groups and then meet for dinner to talk about the day. Keeps the naggy/ overtired kind of fighting to a minimum.

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      We take a cruise every year in September – book it in January to get good rates and I pay monthly so I have it paid in full when I go with no worries. Carnival is our favorite. Have fun….

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    games, books, picnic snacks,songs

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    My family likes to stay in a condo rental vs hotel. We like to have more space and we can cook meals there too to eat healthier and save a little money

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    I have treats ready, books in an arms reach, games in an arms reach. I look up free to do kids activities along the way and do stops along the way every 3-4 hours that are planned and awesome. We do a neat free activity for 30minutues to an hour.

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    Great sharing.

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    a memory/journal book to keep while vacation

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    hawaii is always fun

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    Definitely condo if you can. I always bring a fan and our sound machines and humidifier/diffuser to mimic our regular sounds/smell. Also pack bandaids, Neosporin, Motrin, Benadryl, etc

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    The best advise – not to take kids))

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    Bring plenty of snacks and games for the flight for young kids! And try to keep a good attitude if things go awry.

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    Keep expectations low and don’t overplan scheduled activities, to avoid frustration and the disappointment that comes if things don’t work out “right”. Spontaneous is better.

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    Completely seperate work life from family life when on the trip. Rejoice every moment!

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    Find kid friendly places to take them. Bring snacks and travel games, and let them take pictures of the fun things you do for their own photo memory books or boxes.

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    leave the electronics home and get back to being a family!

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    Its nice to pack light.ann

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    Great tips.

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    Great ideas here!

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    Awesome tips.

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    thanks for the tips!

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    Great tips!! Thank you!

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    Great ideas here.

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    good review before our Christmas flight. Need some tips for weather problems at airports!

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    If you are in a state that snows there might be a delay from a few minutes to a couple of hours. If you book a flight plan at least 2 months before your event, to ensure a good deal on the price, and once again if your in a state that snows then you might be stuck in a snow storm depending on the day.

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