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      I want to rebrand and start over. My blog is a horrible mess due to lapses in time and confusion on what direction I wanted to go in. I’m currently using weebly, but am not that happy with them or their support. Since I’m starting over, I would love some ideas on which websites you like for hosting your blog. I’d love a place that also allows me to sell things either cheap or free as opposed to having to pay for a year at a time. For example, I’m currently doing a fundraiser for a local non profit organization and would like to be able to add a link to the paypal link for people to buy tickets to the event or donate directly to the organization, but a lot of places I’ve looked at want you to pay for a whole year in order to add a selling button. I only need to be able to do this for a month. Any help or ideas would be super appreciated. Thanks.

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      Brand names actually matters a lot, even you have used some marketing tools to promote your brand, it will just sounds useless if you are using not some unique brand names. I suggest that you choose to use reliable and catchy names. There are naming firm experts that could help you rebrand your business or site and gather potential visitors and generate sales if possible. Try to check this, this will total change for your business needs.

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      MizLee, I am curious to know what happened with your Blog? I have used Weebly as my platform for a few years and am absolutely in love with them! (and you can now do monthly)

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      HI Rose,

      I can’t get Weebly to display properly on Firefox, which I use as my main browser, anymore. I can’t see everything and get weird characters. I have contacted them and gotten nowhere.

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      Have you used/tested out blogspot or perhaps WordPress?

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      Hi I need help! I’d love to start a blog but have no idea how to start one. I really don’t have money and can you start one free? I’ve looked on google and the steps and it coconfuses me . Could someone with a blog help me! TIA. Kim Johnson

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      interesting topic

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