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      I haven’t gotten to the point of that yet. Is it difficult to being it up? I imagine some kids giggle or otherwise don’t take it seriously. They definitely need to learn some things early.

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      Not there yet.

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        My question is when is to young to talk about this anymore?

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      Haha. At least I’m not alone, it seems! 🙂

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      You are right.

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      I have had a basics talk with my 8 year old, and more into some specifics with my 10 year old. We update as they age, and are always open to questions. For us, some of the personal body safety/privacy talks were important starting at a younger age.

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        Very helpful, Rose!

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      Not easy but needs to be done.

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      I have all boys so I had my husband do it

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        Lol Shanna! That works!! 🙂

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      I’ve been wondering about this as well w my older two

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      Nice one

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      Thanks, all! 🙂

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      Very helpful.

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      Some of the moms feel uncomfortable with talking about bird & bees conversation. Start off early like as soon as a child can talk. Hey son daughter no one is suppose to touch your body you let me or whoever the child is told to tell. The parent or all family should bring it up here and there. Ask questions gentle you ok how’s it’s going you as the parent as the child gets older enforce that no one should touch your privates. Talk about Stranger Danger. As child gets older bring up the least graphic stuff like the names of the body parts Sing the head shoulders etc song use actually names. Some parents start talking more details when puberty is about to start. Be comfortable in your own skin before you share the news to a child. Seriously relax and relate

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      Thank you, Yolanda!! ♡♡

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