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      I hope that this is talking about sex and not about the birds in the bees that fly around or sting you… So many of parents ( Mom’s) in my group that have children 10 yrs or above they’re waiting to start talking about this subject until the kids are in their early teens. But in my family we started off really really early with just knowing your body parts knowing that nobody supposed to touch your body parts other than the doctor or you know if a family member is giving the kid a shower or bath the kid should wash his or her own private parts. We/family started talking about nobody should touch your or what you should tell if somebody does only because in today’s world you never know who was lurking to do harm to your child in a sexual manner. But recently when I took my to
      my daughter to the physician she kept removing the doctor’s hands from her private area. The doctor felt that it was good that she knew that it was a no Touch area ( We had to explain this was part of her physical) But at the same time I was told not to use other names other than what the private area’s are really called. But you have to start of early with just the protection part. Let children know that they can come & tell you anything. Before you reach the other details of what the birds or bees may be doing.

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      Interesting perspective!

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      always awkard

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      Interesting. My parents did not give much information other than the touching part, it was more of the concept of consent and that I have control over what happens to my body. I know your daughter must have felt awkward,but it’s part of the education of consent and respect.

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