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      In don’t know much about bloging

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      Any advice would be great

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        Hello Becky!

        Can you insert a link here to your blog, so we can see what we can help and see the status of your blog. As for the advice, you can start by watching some tutorials about how to start blogging on youtube, write and focus on the topics that interest you, start learning link building. As for the platform you can use WordPress and host it on popular hosting’s such as hostgator or siteground, they offer setup wizards so you just need to click next read some instructions and your good to start writing.

        You can also collaborate on my blog: Nature Deliver

        iff you have questions message me at hello at naturedeliver.com

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      I have been looking into starting my own blog. Would love some advice!

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      I just recently started a blog: https://mylifeadventuresinparenting.blogspot.com/

      I mostly blog about things we are doing, recipes I come up with, reviews of things I try out and kid stuff.

      If any bloggers or just anyone in general is interested in giving me feedback, I would love to do the same in return! Thanks!!

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      sounds great

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