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      I Love the idea of bodybuilding as long as it doesn’t get to extreme. My problem is I’m not very motivated. I also tend to get caught up in “other things”. I do however recognize that exercise especially for me is really important. So my question is…What are your bodybuilding routines and are you willing to share? Hope to hear back from someone or lots of someones!

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      Are you looking for free weights or machines….toning or building muscles?

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      I first have to lose a considerable amount of weight. Unfortunately, the situation I am in does not allow for a lot of outdoor exercise (bad winters) and I don’t always have the luxury of getting to the gym. I need something I can do at home on a daily basis. However, to answer your question directly both and both.(free weights machines, tone and build)

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      It’s good idea

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      Gone were days when you were left only with some exercises and food to gain muscle mass. Today, muscle building supplements are readily available at the stores that help you get muscular body. There are plenty of websites that offers potentially effective muscle building supplements that are formulated using herbal extracts.

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      I am getting up in my years, but I always try to incorporate exercise & body building into my routine. I feel so much better on a daily basis after my workouts…It’s hard to get started , but it is so worth it. A little bit of effort goes a long way!

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      I weight lift on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday and do other cardiovascular exercises on those evenings and Saturdays.

      I sneak in a run with a girlfriend Sunday.
      Now… I am trying to get pregnant and don’t have kids to take time from my workouts.. I bet it will be a different story then!

      Thinking now that I am hopefully creating a healthy body for my little one to grow eventually <3

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      Great tip.

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      upper body one day, lower body one day and cardio another day, repeat…

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