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    I feel like I do the same thing everyday. I’m getting bored of life

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    Same. Dont hang with anyone not sure why just has been like that ever since i became a mom though, everyone just forgot about me. I never get invited to go anywhere or i get the oh lets hang but when it comes down to it it never happends. So now its like i do nothing just sit at home and even that gets old after awhile. But been trying to find some hobbies to do to keep myself busy and not so much bored. And summer is not to far away so can do alot more too than winter where you kinda dont wanna go anywhere to do anything because its too cold.

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    I hear you bothi to same thing day in dayout. My home can’t get a NY cleaner even my dog won’t come in off the mat until her feet a re wiped. And she’s a black lab.

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    exercise and read

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