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      Hi! I have a 6th grade boy homeschooler. We live rually so when he is done with school and any sport activities he can get very bored. What can I do? He already spends WAY to much time on Computers of all kinds. This includes gaming. Need other things to engage him with.

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        HI Everyone! Not sure how to respond individually, however thank you for all the replies Yes, we read but he hates it. We read with an audio reader and it’s better. We just finished A Wrinkle In Time in time for the movie as a treat for finishing. We do play board games as a family but board games are expensive,and I’ve gotten jilted on used games. He love Monopoly and beats us every time. But it’s such a long game. As to art, yes he likes it but IF it’s on the computer.
        Please let me know if there’s a way to respond individually. Not so great at this. lol

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      Family game nite..even help cleaning up but talking is good for us

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      Is he interested in anything artistic, like drawing, music, etc.?

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      Does he have a pet? Or animals he is responsible for?

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      Play music, dance, cook, make chores fun.

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      More outdoor activities: nature scavenger hunt, outdoor walks (with you, maybe) and a flashlight, build a fort

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      First you should identify her interests. Then try to concentrate her more towards that.

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      Play music

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      maybe music but also video games like guitar hero that can then be transferred into real life. or sports in wii

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      Maybe he just hasn’t read anything he’s liked yet. I know I have to be really into a book to appreciate it. How about volunteer work? I really do think that helps build character. I don’t know how that works with his age in an actual place of business, but maybe you two can do something together. Clean up a park, offer to walk a neighbor’s dog while they’re working, go through clothes and donate to a worthy cause. Anything! It might make him appreciate what he has more. 🙂 Good luck!

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      I think the thing with kids is to still try and push them to stay active because in all honestly no one needs to be spending time on their electronics instead of just being. playing outside, reading books, collecting things, volunteering, going to a youth center to be around kids the same age, getting into music or insturments are all awesome things kids can do

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      Amazing information thank you all

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      something musical or athletic

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      It is hard with kiddos that age. Maybe help him explore new interest or hobbies? My Hubs and Son race and build RC cars. My daughter likes to scrapbook. I freebie hunt/coupon.

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      Its so hard sometimes.. especially with the colder weather

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      try to engage him with chores…this way he could help at home…or some cooking or arts?

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      dance , walk outside , board games

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      walk outside, bike games pretend games

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      my child is bored in the house am play with my kids

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      We started a new routine we do chores for a bit then earning a hour of tv electronics then there is another chore and then another hour of tv time or electronic, afteroons for physical fitness outside depending on the weather and then evening chores and family time after dinner so we all watch tv by bed time it’s reading it has really helped change the I’m bored tantrums as everyone is to busy doing things that have to be done.

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      suggession activities stem activities

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      So many great ideas

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      my son bored in the house

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      good hints, desperate to read this during our lock down

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      my child bored all time am entertaiment with games

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      play outside

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      If you child(ren) is bored, try more family oriented activities. Depending on your childs age, select games or activities to their liking. I.e. my 3 girls love to help cook, play board games and play with their dolls. If i suggest that i, their mama, plays as well, which is something I don’t normally do, they will get excited and won’t feel as “bored” as before. You know your children better than anyone, color to gather, start a new hobbie, go on a walk after schooling and have your child tell you what’s something they’d like to do, for a change. Hope this helps.

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      There are fun educational games online or tv shows that he could watch. If you have a set daily routine with breakfast, school, lunch, play outside, snack, dinner, shower,bed time. That would work too. Mabey invest in some board games or cards. Incorporate some chores before he uses any electronics.

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      I try to take him outside to play for a little or we play some board games or puzzles.

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      I love taking my kids on walks and bike rides. We also paint and hide rocks. Super fun and gets them out of the house!

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      A themed scavenger hunt works with my kids

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      I find my children can even enjoy cleaning and helping out around the house if they do it with me. Sometimes we throw random dance parties. Anything to keep moving.

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      My son typically is a very active child. He was too high energy and some times he lost his concentration to focus. It’s very hard this time because we are doing virtual home school witch is hard for him to understand why he can’t go to school.

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      Go for a walk, play board games, have him help you with chores/cook.

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      My son likes to draw. Maybe something he can build or create. Maybe even cooking.

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      Nature walks/ ABC savenger hunt outside. Learn to woodwork-build a treehouse/canoe. Not only do they plan but they get to use their hands and brains and accomplish something ❤️

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      As parents you often hear I’m bored. I always start by take care of our hygiene together if possible have breakfast exercise planning what are days activities will be in between Zoom and video chatting for work and school will be. Allow the child or children to assist as a reminder of errands we have to accomplish. Helping with daily chores. While doing homework assignments give breaks. Talk about stuff other then school. Choose a current event to read about and ask what have you learned or what’s your opinion on their current tv shows cartoons etc

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      I set up scavenger hunts for my kids aged 5 and 4 with stuff from around the house or themed for different holidays. I’ll write a list out with hand drawn pics beside the words. We do this everyday so that the kids can be more aware of their surroundings. So it’s a fun learning experience, for me as well!

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      Such a great idea.

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      Scavenger hunts are great! We do them alot.

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      Amazing information thank you so much.

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      awesome info

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