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    Does anyone have a recipe for anything healthy that also has bread and/or cheese in it?

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    Why only bread or cheese?

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    Bread, butter and Jam.

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    It is hard finding healthy recipes with bread and/or cheese. I will definitely be following this post!

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    B J

    This sounds like an interesting post – I would also love to find healthy recipes with bread/cheese. Sounds delicious.

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    Definitely following this because I would love to know

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    Bread with melted cheese on top

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    Cut carbs out of your diet and you would be amazed

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    Not really so much for me. I like cheese and grapes to snack on or to make interesting and inventive platters, but not bread and cheese; unless, I am making a bread to go with a pasta dish or something like that. I try not to focus on carbs so much anymore. My current situation calls for me to limit carbs as much as humanly possible. I hope you find what you are looking for though. The best thing I can think of is to do a Google search of healthy bread and cheese recipes and if you find any you can always try them or even tweak them to your standard of living/eating and then see how they fair with you…

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    grilled cheese sandwich

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