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      Does anyone have a recipe for anything healthy that also has bread and/or cheese in it?

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      Why only bread or cheese?

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      Bread, butter and Jam.

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      It is hard finding healthy recipes with bread and/or cheese. I will definitely be following this post!

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      B J

      This sounds like an interesting post – I would also love to find healthy recipes with bread/cheese. Sounds delicious.

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      Definitely following this because I would love to know

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      Bread with melted cheese on top

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      Cut carbs out of your diet and you would be amazed

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      Not really so much for me. I like cheese and grapes to snack on or to make interesting and inventive platters, but not bread and cheese; unless, I am making a bread to go with a pasta dish or something like that. I try not to focus on carbs so much anymore. My current situation calls for me to limit carbs as much as humanly possible. I hope you find what you are looking for though. The best thing I can think of is to do a Google search of healthy bread and cheese recipes and if you find any you can always try them or even tweak them to your standard of living/eating and then see how they fair with you…

      **Just My Two Cents**

      ~ o.0 ~

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      grilled cheese sandwich

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      Honestly I find that everything is okay as long as u don’t eat to much or all the time. Change it up a bit every month. Find what’s best for u and ur body. It so so hard since everyone’s different

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      I am a total cheese lover and found this article https://www.bonappetit.com/gallery/healthy-cheese-recipes

      I will be trying out some of them soon!

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      I love making pizzas that are healthy. I use whole wheat flatbread. My favorite is cooking up some chicken and cutting it up. cook some fresh spinach and garlic in olive oil in a skillet for a couple minutes, then add this and the cut up chicken to top of a flatbread. Add goat cheese on the top and bake for 5 minutes. So delicious and a quick and healthy, low calorie meal option. My kids love this too! I also add tomatoes on top but you can top with whatever you like!

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      also interested

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      Wow, only noticed just now how many responses this got. I loved the energy in this post. One person asked why I chose bread and/or cheese. Well, because I love both, but they can both be fattening. Thank you everyone who gave out some ideas and for those who seemed excited to follow my post. That makes me very happy. 😀

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      I agree with a healthy pizza.

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      The first thing I thought of was pizza. you can buy a shell and dress it yourself with a variety of sauces, toppings, and different cheeses.

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      bread/cheese – not really healthy

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      whole grain focaccia?

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      Good suggestions!

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      Thanks again to all who responded with helpful or supportive comments. 🙂 🙂

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      Why only bread or cheese?

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      Such a great combo!

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      Anything in moderation is ok. I don’t really have any recipes that are more just bread and cheese. But my family love French dips. Roast beef warmed up in hot Au jus sauce with provolone cheese, sauté onions and a French bread roll. Then use the Au jus for dipping . A bit messy but delicious

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      Jack Lewis, someone already asked and I had said because bread and cheese are usually both fattening. I was wondering if people had healthier ideas or recipes because bread and cheese are awesome. 🙂 🙂

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