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      Hello lovely mommies..I m a mother of 8.5 years old noticing breast development in my child..she is quite young now..m worried..pls tell me if anyone went through this situation… thanks

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      My almost 9-yr old has started to have some irritation in her breasts. I was a little worried because I thought she was too young. We did consult her doctor and she said that this is a totally normal time to start seeing changes in her development.

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      I think this is normal for 8 years old. Do not worry.

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      yes i agree

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      I also agree this is normal. My oldest is now 12 but has started budding at around 8 years also. She started her cycle at almost 10 years old. She is quite developed for her age now.

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      I got my first bra when I was 8.

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      great reply!

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      It is scary but I have heard it is because of ingredients that they put in some food now of days. I can’t remember what though. I had 34D breasts in 6th grade so my mom wasn’t happy either. She was afraid of the GI’s as we were stationed overseas then. I will see if I can find the article where they talked about ingredients in food that can cause this problem. I know you are worried. Hugs.

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      It is life, best advice would be to educate her. And buy some sports bras.
      Explain to her that bras are now a part of her daily wardrobe just like underwear.

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      totally normal

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      My daughter started growing peach fuzz under her arms and had breast changes at about 8. Her periods started at about 9. I did not expect her to have her period that soon, since I did not start mine till I was 14. It may be genetics though, since a couple of my paternal Aunts started theirs at 9 years old as well. I would not worry, she will be fine. Mine is now a healthy 2020 Graduate on her way to college. Enjoy her now, they grow up so fast!

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      It keeps getting younger & younger. While it’s common, you can’t say it’s “normal”. I too am wary of so much hormones in our foods/water.

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      Yup totally normal. Kids are growing up faster than ever these days. 🙁

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      PLease ask a pediatrician if you’re not sure. No matter what experiences we’ve had it won’t be the same for your kid. If you’re worried and someone says ‘yup totally normal’ it’s not okay to go by that. I’m a doctor myself and I’ll refrain from giving you random advice without seeing the kid as a patient. We are moms, not experts!

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      Don’t worry, I think this is normal for this age.

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      I think ita normal. I started developing at that age and started my periods when I was 9-10.

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      if you are concerned, maybe your pediatrican can help

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      Kids are developing younger and younger these days. There are so many chemicals and hormones in food now I would research that and watch some documentaries to learn more.

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      In my mind this is normal. Girls develop younger it seems now a days. But everyone is different. If you are concerned, maybe talk with your Pediatrician that can help ease your mind

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      I also have a daughter. At the age of 9, I noticed changes in her breasts. I consulted with the doctor and she said that everything is ok

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      With the added hormones in today’s food girls develop at faster rates.

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