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      Hello lovely mommies..I m a mother of 8.5 years old noticing breast development in my child..she is quite young now..m worried..pls tell me if anyone went through this situation… thanks

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      My almost 9-yr old has started to have some irritation in her breasts. I was a little worried because I thought she was too young. We did consult her doctor and she said that this is a totally normal time to start seeing changes in her development.

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      I think this is normal for 8 years old. Do not worry.

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      yes i agree

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      I also agree this is normal. My oldest is now 12 but has started budding at around 8 years also. She started her cycle at almost 10 years old. She is quite developed for her age now.

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      I got my first bra when I was 8.

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