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    What are some budget-friendly date ideas you can do with your significant other? Do you have any simple, stay-at-home favorites?

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    You could always rent a movie and make your own in-home theatre. Make popcorn and lay on blankets or something.

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    Good ideas.

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    I love this.

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    date night on the patio

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    Or you both can cook together, take walk and find a sceneful place to sit down and enjoy your prepared meal.

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    Very nice read!

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    sounds good

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    Sounds good.

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    Play bowling on WII it is interactive, fun and you can do it in your living room while wearing pjs 🙂

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    Put the kids to bed early, pour a glass of wine or a cocktail, snuggle up and watch a movie

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    Dessert and board games!

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    I good movie and some delicious snacks.

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    Build a fort (have fun and be silly) and make it extra cozy. Add stringed lights and serve your favorite takeout or meal that is easy to eat.

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    Go fishing

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    I have a whole blog post about this! You can have an Iron Chef competition with things you already have in your fridge or cupboard. Head out with $10 for a “dollar date night”–buy your dinner from a dollar menu somewhere and then buy each other a gift from the dollar store. Pack a picnic and take a hike for a day date…

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    I have a toddler, so dates always include the kid. We go to the local Fresh Market or take out from cheap restaurant ($20 total), and have a movie night.

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    good tips

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    Take out, wine and no screens as a distraction. We put on music and just enjoy each chatting together!

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    Thanx for sharing info

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    We do an afternoon date…go to our favorite sliding hill, spend time getting some exercise going up the hill. Top it off with a bonfire at the top with smores & hot chocolate. At the end of the day head home to warm up..put the kids to bed & have some alone time!

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    I actually just made my husband a nice quiet supper at home! It was pretty perfect!

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    I got in a relationship with a single father. I have now raised our daughter for almost 5 years. We are still in our early 20s and never got to experience all the dating other couples do. Pur favorite is when our daughter goes to stay the night with grandma and we get to walk around in pjs and cook a meal together while dancing in the kitchen with a glass of wine. We then end the night with a good movie and asleep on the sofa. Best date of my life!

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