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      Homeschooling our 9-year-old son these past two years has been the best decision I feel like I’ve made as a parent. Even though I deal with other people in our lives that don’t quite understand or have their own thoughts on the matter. (I’m sure you all understand what I mean! 😉) So, I would like to hear from you all what are some of the most interesting questions you’ve been asked in regards to homeschooling?? I had a Mom ask me how will my son ever learn to stand up to bullies and for himself. I replied that I was never bullied in school growing up but, as an adult I have NO problem dealing with that now! Well, I’m excited to connect with other homeschool Moms and gear about your experiences!! 😁😁

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      I started homeschooling September 2018. My daughter has been wanting to be homeschooled since 3rd grade so I finally said yes when she started 5th grade. Going to the school to withdraw her from public school wasn’t as fun and smooth as I wanted it to be. Everyone was so rude about it. It’s like everyone was so lovely and smiley until I said “I just wanted to let you all know i’m withdrawing my daughter from public school” and their faces went to a “we don’t like you anymore” LOL. It’s been amazing at home, though. She loves being homeschooled!

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      I have home schooled my sixth grade son since kindergarten. We love it the best decision ever. We did due to bullying.

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