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      Ever since the birth of our second child, almost 7 weeks ago, my husband has been a little off. I notice he kind of keeps his distance when it comes to the baby. He rarely picks her up, and has only changed her a hand full of times and fed her twice (mostly because I breastfeed but pump sometimes for a break).
      He comes home from work and goes in the garage while I handle both children, clean up, and make dinner ner. He seems distant and has even been complaining of headaches and dizziness which also is not normal for him (also not normal for him to complain). Then when he is with us he is extremely tired and showing it. He has a short temper and gets annoyed at little things. His job is not stressful but he wakes up at 430 in the morning. I’m not worried about him cheating, he’s home on time every day and still affectionate (as much as he can be, I’m still healing)
      I normally work full time and im worried about when I go back. If this keeps going on when I go back to work I will be extremely burnt out. Plus I’m just worried about him in general.

      Any suggestions? I’ve tried talking to him about how he’s been acting but he plays it off as he is just tired.

      Thank you in advance!

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      I feel like this is normal. Some dads just don’t know what to do with babies. I sit ehe will get more involved as baby gets older. I would just stay honest with him and try to also make time for you and him every once in a while. Some dads get jealous of all the new attention baby is getting instead of them.

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