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      First of all I would like to start off by saying,I’am a fan of Roseanne Barr. I would also like to say,yes it was VERY wrong of what she said on Twitter, there’s no denying that. BUT,If her show was canceled because of the racist and offensive statement that she made, then alot of other tv programs should be canceled as well. Because we all know that she’s not the only famous person that has said something racist or offensive. I also want to add that I don’t like EVERYTHING Roseanne says or does,but there is also alot of things that I do like about her. So with all of this being said, I guess I’m just wanting to know everyone else’s opinion on this. Do you think it’s right or wrong for ABC canceling her show,why or why not?

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      it is sad

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      I really enjoyed watching the original show. I thought the family was easy to relate to on a broad level. The new season was a huge disappointment to me, I expected less of a political stance from the show I remembered. The decrease in viewership half way into the session may have had something to do with the same. (I don’t know for sure, just personal speculation.)

      Rosanne is who she is. Love or hate her, she speaks her mind and is known for doing eyebrow raising things. That being said I am not sure the right platform should have been ABC for the new show. As an employee at my company I am well aware my actions on public social media can and would be considered to represent the company. I am held accountable for actions which might be offensive or contrary to the public image of my chosen career. I chose this and as a result I do not make controversial opinions public. That is not to say I do not have controversial opinions which I express in safe company. I conduct myself outside of work, in public, in a manner which would not land me in hot water by offending the masses.

      We are all certainly entitled to our opinion but if those opinions could reflect on your employer it is fair to say the show was canceled with reason. ABC did not want the tweet(s) Rosanne expressed as opinion to reflect on the network. The show made a lot of money opening and even when it lost viewers was still sitting pretty in terms of bringing in revenue. I just don’t think the risk was worth the reward, for ABC especially.

      I feel awful for the people who lost their jobs along with her. She will rise and survive. She will go on to offend again and be forgiven. I really feel for the supporting staff who got cut because of someone else’s actions. I’m not sure what happens to them now.

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      I don’t blame ABC for canceling the show. She was out of line.

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      It’s sad, but she needed to be reprimanded for her “joke.”

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      Freedom of speech is dead, but only for some. That is the harsh reality of the world we live in today. If people can’t learn to laugh at the humor in stupid jokes, then their place on this Earth will become a lot less habitable to live in. Everybody does it, but not everyone can get away with it. Canceling the show was just their way of throwing their weight around and making it seem as though they were doing what was right; when in actuality, they did the opposite…

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      I enjoyed the show in the 80’s and enjoyed the new shows. It’s a sad that it was canceled.

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