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      I was blessed with 4 wonderful parents…biological mom and dad, and step mom and step dad. I could not have asked for better step parents. They love unconditionally, just like my mom and dad do. Oh, wait, They are also my mom and dad. My step dad, and my mom raised my two step brothers, my younger sister and I. I visited my dad and step mom often. My step dad was diagnosed with lung cancer – stage 3 in late June of this year. He was 82 years old. It was curable the Doctors said, but they made him wait for appointments, wait for procedures, wait for tests..finally after two surgeries, and a dozen tests later, he was ready for treatment – 5 months later. Oops. it has spread. To his spine, to his brain, to his hip, to his shoulder. How can this happen? He ate right. He exercised. He quit smoking when he found out it was bad for you. He received one dose of Keytruda, and 5 radiation treatments. Then they said it was enough. My dad wanted to make it until Christmas so he could be with all the kids, grandkids, etc one more time. He did. He also made it to see his beloved Michigan Wolverines play in their bowl game, even tho they lost. My dad lost his battle on January 22, 2018….25 years to the day that his mom, my grandmother died. I feel that either he was waiting for that day, or she knew it was time and said to him, “Come home Tommie”.
      I love my dads and moms. ♥

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      yes cancer is a horrible thing

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      I always knew it destroyed people’s lives, but it had never really touched “me”….It not only destroyed my dad’s life, it destroyed all our lives. To say I am bitter about it, is an understatement, but I am more devastated than anything else. I cannot even imagine what my mom is feeling deep down.

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      That it does, it takes so much, and leaves so little behind in its wake. I will not go into full detail about what cancer has put me through, but it took my mom down and now it is after my grandmother–end of story…

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      Prayers to you Miss Lady!

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      Yes it sucks

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      So sorry.

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      It does suck. It took my best friend away from me. she was 35. Way too young!

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