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      Are there any mamas in the Central Illinois area? I feel like the only person in my community who cares about what I feed my family and bring into my home.

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      I’m from Central IL (Morton), but live in Northern Indiana now. I follow a friend of mine who is all about natural cleaning and clean eating. She lives in Morton. She’s on Instagram as mygracioushealing. She post great things😊

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      are you guys getting dumped on today with snow??? stay warm & safe

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        We are just south of where the big snow is happening. We may get up to 3 inches here, but I have lived in Michigan for most of my adult life. Three inches is nothing. haha

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      We got nothing. We we’re supposed too. Hahah We we’re supposed to get a dusting a couple days ago and got 4 inches. We are a half an hour from Fort Wayne.

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      very nice

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      i am in peoria from roanoke though =) i have a facebook playgroup if u wanna join and have a kis play date its ” Peoria Playground Pals”

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