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      It seems like i have to change my diet with the seasons due to common allergies.

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      I used to suffer a lot due to seasonal climate change I used to get a severe cough and cold and viral fever. But, after I started doing yoga and regular exercise. It really helped me to increase my immune system and I am feeling really better.

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      same here

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      For a month I cut back on meat and sweets. I drank mostly water and ate veggies and fish. Around this time of year I would be having issues with my allergies but I haven’t. I add a teaspoon of baking soda to my water at night for 7 days and I take 7 days off. Since I was pregnant with my son last year I didn’t want to take allergy medicine so O started using nasal sprays which have helped a lot.

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      It’s really cold here in Evansville and I can’t eat chocolate milk bothers me mostly dairy and it rings true for my fur baby 🐕🐩 the cold weather turns almost lethal to me summer I’m fine🐶

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