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      I am very sensitive to chemicals and perfumes and other smells espically since I hadbrain surgery It cause me to have unbearable migraines and I wondering if other people expri CE these thing I can’t go to function ,or crowds,store without wearing a mask and some people has said that its embarrassing to go out with me wearing a mask please give your feedback on my situation

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      My friend has MCS. PLEASE don’t worry about what others think. Your health is the most important thing. And, if you don’t wear your mask, your health might be even more compromised. There are support groups online, I know from her

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      Hi Uretha, I can totally relate to what you are experiencing. I have huge allergies and always react to chemicals. I can’t even walk down the isle in the grocery store without getting a massive headache. Or being in a home that uses chemicals. I switched to a mfg that does care about my health years ago. due to my allergies and my sons asthma. The products have been life changing for our family. I love that my home is toxin free of all the chemicals. Unfortunately I am affected when I go out to malls. but I don’t do that very often as all my consumable products now come direct to my home . I love it and I get also get to save money. As I buy direct to the mfg. I would love to share all the details with you if you are open. [email protected]

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      Online shopiing is k ey for this

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      I wear masks at times also because of things that I am sensitive to don’t worry what others think as they won’t remember after you leave the store nor will you have to see them again, that’s what my grandmother used to tell me all the time growing up with braces

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      who cares what others think. Wear the mask!

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      I agree don’t care what others think

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      Perfumes are the worst for me. I can’t even attend most school event because some people wear so much of it,

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      I use an natural antihistamine, that really helps me. I was introduced to this 18 years ago and take it daily now. I used to use Claritin, Seldane, Flonaise and antibiotics. but they were giving me so many headaches. Glad now that I use a natural product and have removed all the chemicals from my home.

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      I also get headaches from chemicals, perfumes, cigarette smoke, etc. Please put your health first and wear the mask. If people say it’s embarassing, that’s on them, not you.

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      Just be yourself and don’t care what others think.

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      hugs to you

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