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      Hi moms! I am a mom of 6 growings kiddos and i was wondering are there other moms out there that have prpblems when it comes to there children sitting on a video game, computer, or phone rather than go outside and be a KID? I grew up in a time where outside was the best fun (bike riding, climbing trees, climbing woodpiles, making mud pies) I hated being indoors and knew when the pole light came on that was my que. My kids are obsessed with electronics….until i unplug the enternet cable lmbo

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      ban them

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      It is hard finding that balance of how much time to allow children to use electrics and unfortunately neighborhoods are not the same as they use to be. I do feel my children play electronics a lot more than I would like them too, but I do try not to make they do not put more value on them compared to other things. Some days I tell my son that if he wants to have electronic time, he needs to spend some time outside first.
      This summer I am going to give him a todo list, that will include electronic time, creative time, outside time, physical activity time, and that he needs to check off everything off the list. I am doing this so that he has a little time for everything, but also not putting more value on what he thinks is more important but also not to put more value on what I think is more important. I hope it will be a way to have him do various things during the summer.
      Good luck!

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      limit electronic usage early on

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        Thank you so much on all the great advice! My oldest aren’t as active as thry use to be due to electronics, i do limit them and they take turns as we only have one system and i dont allow cell phone use after a certain time but the school issued laptops in what they want to stay on mainly my 5 girls. Thank you for replying!! I love hearing others opinions and enjoy learning new mom tactics from other great moms!

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      I have a rule where shes only allowed on every other day..helps out alot

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      I think that every parent struggles with the same thing. I limit my kids to one hour per day, and I make sure that they get active time every day, too.

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      It is a daily struggle for me 🙁

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      I limit how much tv time my daughter gets and she doesn’t play with my phone at all and only gets the tablet on weekends for 1 hr the most. I encourage the outdoor and she likes it. I think it’s about how you teach them and what boundaries you set for them.

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      When mine use electronics, its purely for educational games or websites. They still have fun this way.

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      limit time and what it’s used for (see comment made just before mine)

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      Only on weekends

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